Alfredo Trattoria

Después de tres generaciones de compartir la verdadera tradición culinaria Italiana,
Alfredo Di Roma se renueva para fusionar frescura con el clásico sabor que diferencia a
Alfredo de cualquier otro Italiano


Miyana: Lunes a Jueves: 12:30 hrs a 23:30 hrs | Viernes y Sábado: 12:30 a 24:00 hrs | Domingo: 12:30 hrs a 21:00hrs

Cozumel: Lunes a Domingo: 18:00 a 23:00 hrs



Mauro Chiecchio

Mauro Chieccio is the current chef of the Restaurant Alfredo Di Roma at the Hotel Presidente InterContinental Polanco, Mexico. Born in Vicoforte, Italy, Mauro Chiecchio studied in the Hotelier Professional Institute, between the years 1978 and 1980.

The Chefs career has been develop in different parts of the world. He began in San Remo, in Birmingham, Great Britain; later on, he decides to work on Farzky Cruise Lines, navigating between California and Mexico. His next trip was to New York, in the Restaurant The Edges. But he wanted to work for a little while in Italy, so he takes a job offer at the Restaurant Albergo Paradiso, in Geneva, Italy. He continues to gain experience in hotel management, and moves to Switzerland. He worked in two hotels: Hotel Belvedere, on Saint Moritz, and Hotel Al Porto in Ascona. After gaining much experience in Switzerland, he moves to the world famous Hotel Splendido, at Portofino, Geneva. He earns valuable knowledge working on different positions inside the hotel for four years.

During the winter months, Splendido Hotel suspends its services. So, he has no choice but to travel. He arrives at Thailand. He is offered the position of Executive Chef in Amanpuri Hotel Phuket Italian restaurant.

His journey around the world does not stop, and continues in the Caribbean. He worked at the Hotel K-Club on Barbuda. But, an atractive job offer arrives, and he takes it on Washington, DC. He is counselor Chef of the Cafe Milano Restaurant. Then, his life changes when Presidente InterContinental contacts him. The Hotel was searching for a talented italian Chef. He accepts to take the kitchen in Presidente Cozumel.

Finally, on 1997, he travels to Mexico City to the InterContinental, Polanco. Until this day, he continues to be the Executive Chef of Alfredo Di Roma,